Curriculum vitae:


David graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in 1995 with a BFA. He majored in Communication Arts and began working as an illustrator right out of college illustrating for publications such as Macworld, SF Chronicle, Harvard Magazine, USCF Magazine, American Express, and others. Despite success as a professional Illustrator, it was important for David to cultivate a personal artistic direction, so he continued to explore painting and sculpture on his own terms through experimentation with realistic, abstract, conceptual and non-objective styles.

After several years of this exploration he settled in to what he wanted to paint and pursue as an artist. This resulted in bodies of work that strive to capture the ineffable, emotional response one has while feeling connected to the natural environment. This connection David feels cannot be captured through realistic interpretation but rather through emulating the cycles, struggles, and harmonious conflicts ever present in the natural world through paint and composition.